Why Snooze Matters So Much to San Antonio

My Codeup cofounder, Jason Straughan, led a TEDxSanAntonio talk about how the pioneering entrepreneurs in any market are more valuable than regular entrepreneurs. The reason is that pioneers do something new that hasn’t been tried before. If they succeed, others copy them and a vibrant market is created.

Jason is a great guy (check out his company Grok Interactive that does mobile app development here in San Antonio) and did a nice job with the talk:

Snooze Eatery is important to San Antonio because it’s the first sophisticated, premium breakfast eatery in town. Given the lack of great breakfast has been one of my biggest complaints about our town, it’s great. I look forward to the explosion of copycats who will potentially do even better than Snooze at making breakfast fun and tasty.

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