What It Means To Suck

You know that thing you’re terrible at? I mean, god-awful, embarrassing as hell things at which you suck-suck-suck.  We all got ‘em.

If your goal is to get better as an athlete or as a professional, then your highest return on investment is to improve the things that are your weaknesses rather than exercising your strengths.  Logically, it makes sense as you have so much more room to improve in your sucks than your strengths.  In fitness, it could be hip mobility, power cleans, pull-ups, shoulder mobility, overhead squats, push-ups — anything.  The same goes for life in general.

The temptation is to hide your weaknesses or avoid them.  Don’t do it. Love your limitations and work ‘em. Hug them and squeeze them until they’re better… Like this:


(Well, almost)

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