My 5 Highest ROI Seed-Stage Tech VC News Sources

These are the five news sources that provide the highest bang for my buck in this game. Definitely interested in any suggestions y'all have in addition to this.

  • Axios Pro Rata ( A similar approach to the Ticker but has Dan Primack doing it. He came from Fortune's Term Sheet and is very smart.
  • LAUNCH Ticker ( Each day's tech startup news in a <10-minute read.
  • The Information ( This is a paid service but does much more in-depth reporting than the aggregators like LAUNCH Ticker.
  • Nuzzel ( This is an app that plugs into your twitter and highlights the articles your twitter friends are most sharing. This assumes you follow lots of tech VCs on twitter.
  • StrictlyVC ( Daily newsletter hyper-focused on tech VC. Includes fundings, people changes, and occasional custom content.

    There are other honorable mentions, but I wanted to narrow this list down to five.

    Bonus: If you're in Texas, the T-Squared newsletter is excellent and covers startup happenings in my home state. (

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