Young People Should Travel

Let's get this out there. I love Tokyo. I really love Tokyo.

It's a city with core values that align closely with mine:

  • In Tokyo, people are quiet. I like quiet. I recall being amazed walking through Shibuya Station and it was so peaceful despite thousands of people running to trains. In the US, large crowds are usually very noisy.
  • In Tokyo, things are done right. I like things done right. I bought a pear so nice at a 7-11 there that would have made Whole Foods blush. In the US, people are more OK with things being done less well.
  • In Tokyo, quality is better than quantity. I treasure quality.
  • In Tokyo, the people like unique things. I love unique things. My last trip there, we went to an entire store dedicated to making custom journals. A whole shop!
  • There's more to Tokyo to love. But, the point is that it's just very different from the US. If we stay in one place our whole lives, it's hard to get exposed to alternative views.

    By seeing alternative ways of being and thinking, we can think through our own customs and question them. That's a key component in growing.

    It's why I recommend young people travel. Go see the world. It has lots to teach you.

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