Things I'll Miss Most About Southtown/King William

The Girdleys are all moved out of our 121 year-young home on Cedar St.  We’ve had a great 5 years in Southtown.  These are the things I’ll miss the most:

  • The look on people’s faces when I told them I lived in the KW.  ”Oh, I’ve always wanted to live there.”  Yea, this is a stupid one, but it made me feel that we lived someplace special.
  • Five restaurants within 5 minutes walk.  A dozen more within 10 minutes walk.
  • Always being convenient to downtown events.
  • The DRAMA.  While those involved in the 118 Cedar debacle, Friendly Spot messes, Highway Patrol Museum sales, pink coloring of the new Liberty Bar, etc. may not appreciate the turmoil, I certainly have.  Much better than arguing about the neighborhood pool hours in a soul-less suburb outside 1604!
  • Those of Us Who Are Slightly Off-Kilter/The Characters.  We know who you are!  You’re the folks who complain about trash in your neighbor’s yard while your home is a burned out hulk.  Or, who take parking spaces in front of your house as a crusade worthy of hundreds of hours of your time.  Or saving a dilapidated junk structure that really met its end 75 years ago when the place was “remodeled.”  And on and on.
  • The ACTION. The King William Fair & being the site of every Fun Run, Marathon, bike criterion or dog parade ever conceived.  First Friday and yelling at the Hog Stand for being too loud.  The action is intoxicating!
  • The Community & The People.  Poker night.  King William Association.  King William Triple Crown.  Fun stuff with fun people.

I don’t see us as leaving but it’ll clearly be harder to be involved.  That’s OK and that’s life, I guess.

Adios, Southtown.  We’ll be around.

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