The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment and Startup People

The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment was research into the workings of delayed gratification in people.

The researchers placed a child alone in a room with a single marshmallow. The child was told if they didn’t eat the marshmallow, the child would receive a second one after a period of time.

Watching these kids in this repeat of the experiment is adorable:

Startups and entrepreneurship are an exercise in delayed gratification. You have to take a lower salary and higher risk today in hopes of a big win in the future.

People are either One Marshamallow or Two Marshmallow people. The One Marshmallows usually require a high salary and safety now. They’ll prioritize it and won’t usually sacrifice like a Two Marshmallow person will. A Two Marshmallow will often have saved money over the years by living beneath their means. They’ll have invested in personal development and so on.

Does a candidate for employment or investment have the ability to delay gratification in hopes of a larger reward in the future? My experience is those people that are Two Marshmallow people always perform better in the long-run.

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