The Next Silicon Valley is...

Shanghai? LA? Berlin?

I think the next Silicon Valley is the internet.

Here are some data points:

  • Entire companies like Automattic, the company behind WordPress, are being built with no permanent offices. I have a friend living in Alpine, TX who works for them. You can see the location of Alpine. Perhaps the opposite of a tech hub.
  • TechStars and YCombinator are both operating "virtual" tech accelerators over the internet.
  • Every company in the program at RealCo spans multiple geographies. Every single one. That caused us to become distributed as well.
  • Many young people are growing knowing only a world with the internet. They are Digital Citizens first, and that is how they will build companies. Flipmass is just such a startup that offices a few doors down from me.
  • The biggest tech innovation this decade is blockchain, which was created without Silicon Valley VCs and well outside of the valley.
  • Blockchain has spawned Initial Coin Offerings where companies are raising millions without venture capital.
  • Tools for running distributed organizations are getting even better such as Slack and BlueJeans. Only a decade ago it was common to drop mobile phone calls while driving.
  • Platforms like AngelList, Kickstarter and Twitter make sourcing investments and hiring startup talent possible anywhere.

    Does this mean Silicon Valley is dying? Far from it. I am bullish on Silicon Valley. There is no better place to build and scale a startup regarding talent and resources. However, the shifts we are seeing makes it easier by the day to make great companies anywhere.

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