The Laboratory

As a coach, I’m often asked “Should I do xyz?” Or, “Will abc stretch help?” A good percentage of the time, I answer, “I don’t know. Why don’t you try it and see if it makes a difference?  Experiment with it.”

So, that’s the simple idea in this post. Try new things in fitness or in life. See how it goes.


  • Try life without TV for a month. (Did it. Love it. Still do it.)
  • Increase or decrease your workouts per week.
  • Try mega-doses of fish oil for a few weeks. (I’m doing this now.)
  • Take a family walk every night no matter the weather.
  • Smile 100 times today. (Studies have shown people who smile a lot become happier involuntarily. No foolin’.)
  • Go Paleo or Zone or Cheese-a-terian.

After the change, look for feedback. Did things go better? Then re-test.  Some feedback loops may be fast (like stretching) and some take longer (like diet).

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