The Hardest, Toughest Crossfit Workout

This came courtesy of the Outlaw Way.  I have never seen or experienced a Crossfit workout that matches this one in pain.

The majority of WODs leave you a place to hide.  You can step away or take it down a single notch to keep out of your Pain Cave.

But, the most notorious WODs like Fran or Games 12.1 don’t.  This one is 20 minutes of unadulterated pain.  No place to hide.

With a 20 minute running clock do:

  1. Fran
  1. Run one mile *
  1. In the remaining time, find a 20RM back squat. **

The * is the part where I threw up the first time.  ** is the second time.  😉

Other folks meditate to find meaning in life.  This WOD makes it easy to find a purpose — even if it is “I just have to survive until these 20 minutes are up.”

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