The Texas Startup Super-Region

Up until recently, startup people at conferences would ask my home location. I'd say, "San Antonio, Texas."

Now, I say "I'm from Texas."

There is no Austin versus Houston versus San Antonio versus Dallas any more. These are all interconnected startup cities and we're seeing it happen naturally:

  • Series A VCs like Live Oak are invested in startups in every city in the state.
  • Seed stage guys like Geekdom Fund are in those other cities as often as they're working in the city where they have a home.
  • Startups like Merge have investors from all over the state.
  • Initiatives like Station Houston bring in mentors from all over the state.
  • Programs like RealCo in San Antonio have startups in Austin.
  • Dallas-based VCs like Deep Space are invested in Austin and Dallas and beyond.
  • Publications like Xconomy cover Texas as a whole.

    My personal language has changed to reflect this. I think it's time we all did the same.

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