Surviving Crossfit Games 13.5 (For Mere Mortals)

Several pieces of good news:

  1. This is the last Crossfit Games Open workout.
  2. For the majority of us, it’s only going to be 4 minutes.

Why #2? Well, unless you have a sub-3:30 Fran, your likelihood of doing a heavier Fran (100 lbs instead of 95lbs for men) with Chest to Bar pull-ups instead of regular chin over bar pull-ups in less than 4 minutes is slim.  (But hey, miracles happen.)

Ultimately, two tips:

  1. Sprint your ass off.  Go out hard.  It’s short.  Get the best score you can in the 4 minutes.

  2. Maintain good position on the thrusters.  The easiest way to do this is to wear your weightlifting shoes instead of regular shoes.  Fight to keep your elbows up and torso vertical as much as possible.

There’s a bunch of other stuff on the web worth watching/reading about strategy.  Always a good place to start is the and sites.

(And don’t forget to enter your scores in!)

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