Super Parenting For Posture

As a kid, my parents pestered me to maintain good posture at all times:

  • Shoulders down and back. (i.e. externally rotated)
  • Head over your spine (no strain on your neck)
  • Tummy in and mid-line tight (mid-section organized and ready to support any movement)
  • Feet pointed straight ahead (no ducks or pigeons!)

In my crossfit classes this past week, we talked a lot  about “organizing” yourself appropriately — maintaining good midline stabilization at all times whether in a WOD, rowing, walking or at your desk. We did the runner’s leg swings without a pole for support. For those of us that lost balance, we tightened up our glutes/midsection similar to the “gymnastics hollow” ( It made all the difference for balance and control. No flippy floppy!

So, two takeaways:

  1. Make sure your kids have good posture. Suck in that gut and stay tight! Developing those muscles now will avoid back and other problems in the future.

  2. Do it for yourself too!

And here’s a fun Mobility WOD video where he goes into more nerdy mobility detail on this topic!

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