Startup People vs. Big Company People

When I graduated college, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Like most young people, I went to a college without an entrepreneurial culture. So, I didn't have people I wanted to partner with.

I thought the best way to become an entrepreneur was to go work at a Big Company. I'd learn stuff and meet some other Startup People with my mindset. I didn't find any future co-founders at Big Company. I just learned how to be a Big Company Person.

Big Company people are different than Startup People, who have a different outlook entirely. To a Big Company person, being an entrepreneur is risky. "How will you get paid? What if it goes badly?" To a Startup Person, having a job is risky. "You mean one person gets to decide if you make more money this year? They can fire you any time?"

What to do?

There is a better middle ground for young people who want to become founders. Go work for a startup. The data agrees.

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