Beauty in Failing

We are all often apprehensive to attempt new things like a handstand, a cartwheel, moving up from the level 1/2 classes or trying their first class. There’s no good reason to be scared. In fact, the best thing for you is to be happy to try and fail.

Crossfit has a concept that you expand your capabilities by failing at the margins of your experience. In other words, you only get better by trying new things and failing. You try again and eventually you’ll succeed.

Many of us are insecure that we’re not at the performance level of others. Here’s the secret: At some point, most everyone was using a big green band on pull ups or unable to do a real pushup or finished last in a WOD.

So come in, try your best and fail as often as you can. It’s how you get better and it’s no big deal. No one is going to put any of this on your permanent recor and the whiteboard gets erased every day.

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