Q: Where is Crossfit taking off? Why?

A: Crossfit HQ publishes the map of worldwide affiliates for anyone to see:


There’s some fun data points in there.  I spent a few minutes counting the boxes in each of the major first world economies and seeing the ratio of population to affiliates:

The top 4 all have in common the English language.  In the case of Australia, which is the most Crossfit-mad country in the world, this is a “sport” which fits in with the Aussie culture exceptionally well: aggressive, edgy, physically demanding.

The bottom 5 don’t share English as a first language so it’s easy to assume that the language problem plus a different culture are to blame, though I’m at a loss as to why France doesn’t have more of a showing.  Perhaps French people are simply less-industrious than their counterparts?  Don’t know.

The most Crossfit crazy country in the world?  Iceland, with 39,750 persons per affiliate.  (Guess it helps when you have the Fittest Woman in the World in a tiny country with terrible weather!)

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