Q: In 100 years, what common customs might be viewed as "barbaric"?

A: We commonly look at customs from the past as barbaric relative to today’s moral and ethical standards.  For example, slavery, murder, homosexuality (amongst the early societies like the Greeks) and marriage to those underage were once considered acceptable by society.  What are the leading candidates of things that may be considered barbaric by people of the 22nd century?

Some candidates:

  1. The 5-day work week: It’s entirely possible that human society will shift its priority from “more” to “enough.”  What if people revert to earning only enough to live comfortably and well below their means?  [Note: some people already do this but they’re a minority.]

  2. Make-up:  http://bit.ly/LFtb7S

  3. Marriage: As in Brave New World (the book), might technology make lifelong partnerships a foreign and impractical concept?

  4. Dying: Some thinkers, like Ray Kurzweil, have posed the concept of humans migrating off our ‘broken’ and limited organic hardware onto silicon.  Also related, the concept of technological singularity.

  5. Eating animals?

  6. Everyone citizen having a right to vote?

  7. Religion? Monotheism?

  8. Piercing and tattooing?

  9. Lack of rights for gays and lesbians to marry?

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