Pre-Workout Rituals

Check out this video of Greg Amundson (one of the early firebreathers for Crossfit in Santa Cruz).  It’s his warmup ritual:

Important is not what he does, but what he doesn’t.  Notice hardly a lick of STRETCHING and the stretching he does is for a few seconds only.  All joint range of motion with some light effort.

Studies have shown that pre-workout stretching does little to reduce potential for muscle injury.  It’ll actually reduce tension in your muscles, making you perform less in a workout.  In one study, runners who loosened their hammies pre-workout ran slower than a control group.

So skip that pre-workout stretch fest that the early arrivers do at the box.  But this doesn’t mean stretching or mobility should be avoided.  On the contrary, do it after your WOD or spend 10 minutes a day at home while watching TV.  And stay off those chairs!

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