On Personal Productivity; Getting Things Done

Personal productivity is the difference between being a high-performer and a low-performer. I’ve seen the difference often comes down to a few choices in personal organization:

  • Low-performers expect to remember tasks. High-performers get it out of their head.
  • Low-performers let their calendar fill. High-performers fill their own calendar.
  • Low-performers have no system to manage their time. High-performers do.

One such system is the now-classic Get Things Done system, written in 2015.

Even though it’s only two years old, this edition seems pretty dated in favor of professionals without any technology around them. However, the ideas in the system are excellent.

The system is also pretty complex. So, hard to pick up.

The best use of a system like Get Things Done or Topgrading for hiring is to cherry-pick the elements that seem good to you. Build those into your life. Try, modify as neeeded and repeat.

Just pick a system. The biggest mistake is not picking one at all.

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