On Hiring A-Players

My Geekdom Fund partner, Mike Troy, and I were discussing the hiring challenge for startups. Mike observed there are lots of hiring methodologies out there. The mistake startups make is not picking one.

After being exposed to the Topgrading methodology, I’m sold.

The methodology has a number of insightful points:

  • Most resumes are full of lies.
  • Regular conversational interviews don’t expose those lies.
  • But, we all want to hire top performers (“A-players”)
  • A-players always have lots of people who will provide enthusiastic references
  • B-players and C-players will have few, to no references. In fact, telling those candidates you’re doing thorough reference checks will cause them to self-select out of your applicant process.
  • People’s recent professional performance is a good measure of how they’ll do when hired.

So, whether a team picks Topgrading or another methodology for hiring, the key is to pick one and use it.

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