New Year's Resolutions

I hate New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t do them and I usually have to hold my tongue when I hear them. 

External influences make us feel badly about a month of holiday gluttony. So, we resolve to hit it hard. For a few days, weeks or months it lasts and then back to the same ol’ bad habits mentally and physically. Like a “yo-yo diet,” resolutions are an enabler to avoid real life changes.

How about a different approach? Resolve to avoid a “yo-yo life.” To illustrate, in a long WOD, you’ll notice the experienced Crossfitters take short, repeated breaks when they get tired. They’ll do a few reps, then take a very short rest to get their breath back once they “red-line”. They go faster in the long-term because in a long WOD, 30-second breaks will kill you while multiple 3-second breaks are much more efficient.

A non-“yo-yo life” means making lasting lifestyle changes you desire without any concern for the calendar or what society tells you to do. Don’t bother with complex New Year’s Resolutions.  When you’re truly ready to put in the mental and physical work to make permanent change, it can happen through discipline and hard work.

(At the very least, if you’re going to go through the BS ritual of a resolution, then please do not tell anyone about your goals! This talk explains why: )

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