Is yours the best team in the world for your business idea?

This article made the rounds today:

It reminded me of a question I ask about every startup or business venture:

“Is this the best team in the world to pursue this idea?”

Lionel Messi. Best in the world at football.

The answer needs to be yes.

To illustrate, when Chris, Jason and I started the coding bootcamp Codeup, we indeed were the best people to work on it in San Antonio. Chris had a background in software engineering from a degree perspective and also from working at Lockheed. Jason had worked at small companies and was a self-taught programmer. I was me and we all loved teaching.

We also had unfair advantages:

  • First to market in an ambitious city that was ready to be more “tech”
  • Support of Geekdom and its team, which was quickly becoming the hub for everything tech in our market.
  • Tight ties to the community, including many of the startup people

Given the coding bootcamp market has turned out to be a local one, those advantages were extremely valuable. We were the best team to pursue that idea, even if the “world” was just San Antonio.

Startups trying to compete across the internet have it harder since they have to be the best in the whole world. That’s a big part of what make high-growth startups so much fun and so volatile, I think.

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