"Instant" Is For Suckers.

Americans expect everything to be perfect and immediate. We go bonkers if it’s not. You see the Americans overseas screaming at the waiter who hasn’t brought their soup yet! While the rest of the world takes life as good and bad, we’re shocked that perfection isn’t dropped in our laps instantly.

America invented the world of instant: frozen dinners, instant coffee, liposuction, pizza delivered in 30 minutes or its free and so on.

Exactly the opposite, the important goals we are aspiring to in life and physical fitness are long term, taking years and sometimes many multiples of years. Recovering a good posture, blood pressure or flexibility is often a five year journey for adults.

We see injuries hit those of us who do too much, too fast. Be patient with your body and your mind. Get past “instant.” In fact, avoid “instant” anything.

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