How to Get Hired

Go accomplish some things. Show you’re a person who makes magic happen. Employers/Investors bet on people with a track record of success.

I get referred lots of candidates. Many of these people have few if any “wins” on their resume. (To be fair, in many jobs, there aren’t lots of opportunities to do great things. Or, perhaps someone is very young.)

The great candidates have taken initiative to make things happen. That’s how folks get noticed and employers (or investors) get satisfied that the candidate is a winner.

Making things happen requires some thought, resourcefulness and effort though.

A great example is Matthew Espinoza. After Startup Grind in San Antonio folded, Matthew decided to take it over while still finishing his degree at UTSA.

Each month, a  startup leader in town is interviewed. He organizes the monthly event and recruits the speakers. The events are well-run and have become monthly 90-minute showcase of his abilities. As a bonus, he gets to meet with people who get stuff done and learn from them.

Matthew stood out from the crowd. Guess what? We hired him.

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