How I made bicycle commuting work in San Antonio

When I lived in San Francisco, I rode public transport and bicycled exclusively.  My car sat unused for 3 months until I finally decided to give it to charity.

Bike commuting in San Antonio is much harder.  My route goes through Alamo Heights*, which is a bike commute nightmare.  The only bike lane is on the hilliest road through town.  Hills make you work hard and hard work makes you perspire.  So, biking the 6.5 miles from my house to Geekdom downtown meant I arrived a sweaty mess.

But, an electric bike kit made bike commuting work for me now:

The ride time decreased by a third.  I pedal in a relaxed manner and the motor powers me up the hills.  I don’t have to worry about parking.  I don’t arrive a sweaty mess and I’ve learned to get really angry at drivers who are texting.  Perfect.

So, if you’ll buy a hybrid car for $35k, how about a hybrid bicycle for $500?

** Proposed new slogan: “The Worst City for Bicycling in America”*

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