How Do I Get Tech Savvy?

I get to work with lots of young people who don't have tech backgrounds. They ask the above question often in an aim to further their career.

The common advice is for people to start with the same approach of the classic "hey read a computer science book here" or "play on codecademy."

Never seems to get anywhere. I think it's because it feels like work.

What I recommend now is to figure out ways to 'play' with technology. Play is just the fun way to learn. You accomplish something that gives you joy in the process.

Over the past couple of years, I played around and created a cryptocurrency mining system to heat my pool. I also started playing with building a raspberry pie to track nearby commercial flight transponder.

Did I directly make any money on either? Not really.

But I did learn a ton about tech and that's knowledge that'll be valuable someday. I also had fun playing with these projects.

So, where to start when you want to play?  

The internet is full of lots of little projects that can be fun. Find one that's appealing. By starting with "play" rather than something that feels like work, you'll get learning from it and have fun along the way.

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