Goodbye Wordpress; Hello Ghost

I had enough of Wordpress as my blogging platform of choice. The spaghetti nature of it seemed incompatible with what the web wants today. I wanted my blog to feel like Medium, but couldn't get there with Wordpress.

(Yes, I could have paid for one of the Wordpress skins that looks like Medium, but that wouldn't have resulted in the snappiness and security that I wanted.)

Some folks have gone straight to Medium as their publishing platform. Others to LinkedIn or Facebook. I'm a firm believer that I want to own my content. So, those platforms weren't an option.

Ghost was the answer. It's a simple platform with just the bare bones features needed to get text to the web easily. It's also beautiful in the way the first iPhone was when compared to a clunky Blackberry. Writing is done via markdown, which is also nice.

We'll see how it goes!

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