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I'm an investor and entrepreneur living in San Antonio, Texas. I blog about stuff that interests me here. (Yeah, I know. So 2005 of me, right?)

A good portion of the content here are things I tell entrepreneurs over and over. So, I write it down hoping other people might find it interesting.

I also write about community-building. At this point in life, I'm really passionate about changing where I live into a place where my kids will want to live. I just saw too many of my peers leave for bigger, more active cities and never come back. I think the path to change the city for the better is by creating a vibrant startup community downtown. So, I like to work on that.

Lastly, I highlight companies where the Geekdom Fund or RealCo have gotten involved. We're especially proud of the people we get to help.

Formal Bio and Stuff

(people ask for this at speaking engagements, etc..)

Michael Girdley is an entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded the Geekdom Fund, an early stage venture capital firm focusing on tech, where he is currently a managing director. Michael also sits on the boards of multiple companies including Codeup, Grok Interactive, Prospectify, RealCo and Alamo Fireworks.

Michael's published books on computer programming have been translated into four different languages.  He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors from Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

In 2015, he was named Businessman of the Year by the San Antonio Business Journal. His passions are his kids, lovely wife and growing San Antonio’s startup ecosystem.

Michael can be found on twitter at @mgirdley and at his blog at



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