CEO Stump Speeches

My friend is a professional real estate investor. His first building purchase was not luxury by any means. It was in one of those neighborhoods that wasn't the best at that time but was on the way to being nice.

Sometimes tenants, real estate agents, vendors and such would talk about the building and area a bit. He responded always with:

"This is a nice building in an upcoming neighborhood."

(Which, by the way, was entirely true!)

He did this to remind everyone of his view on his current outlook and future vision of the property.

As a CEO, I'd explain our vision and strategy to the team a couple of times. Then, I'd say to myself: "Well, surely the team gets it now, right?"


I needed a "stump speech" just like my friend and his vision for his building. This describes a politician's speech given at every stop on the campaign trail. Over and over.

My experience was that my viewpoint on key issues needed to be repeated 15 or 20 times in a year. Then the team would get it.

Every CEO needs one – and be prepared to give it until your throat is sore!

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