Born This Way

I was chatting with a founder the other day. Let's call him Bill.

Bill said, "It'd be great to figure out how to get more people out of large enterprises to become entrepreneurs." After trying and failing a few dozen times at helping at Big Company employee get entrepreneurial, I think founders are Born this Way.

Bill is a great example. He transitioned from Big Company to an entrepreneur in his mid-30s. It was natural to him. He was OK with selling his home to lower his personal burn rate. His family was supportive of taking some risk in starting a business. He was OK toiling away by himself before anyone believed in his dream.

I shared that the big company people I know are almost always unwilling to make those sacrifices. They're often excited by the idea of becoming a founder. But, seem to stop short of ever going for it.

Bill shared something that reinforced my belief that people are born to be entrepreneurs, not grown. He said, "I always felt out of place in a big company." Exactly.

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