3 Day Startup: Audius.co

The result of my team’s 72 hours spent at 3 Day Startup San Antonio doing brainstorming, vetting, and presenting a technology startup concept called Audius.

In summary: Audius allows people to use their mobile device as a tool to expand their concert or party experience.  It goes beyond replacing the zippo lighter as a handheld light show and makes your mobile phone display visualizations to the beat.  It offers multiple programs and visualizations.  It can take photos, videos and automatically do social network status updates while you dance.

The truly unique innovation we created was a feature called “swarming” where our service automatically groups people close to each other into what we call “swarms.”  You can go to our website and see all the public social updates, photos and videos from everyone in the swarm.  Or, people can visit our website and drill down to see what’s hot in a particular region by the size of swarms or by looking at the multimedia posts from people in the swarm.

Our slides (slideshare doesn’t show the sweet animations, however):

[slideshare id=15253864&w=427&h=356&sc=no]

Ultimately, 72 hours is plenty of time to learn how to start a tech business and lots of fun.  It’s not necessarily enough time to flesh out a complex business problem.  This one, however simple, was lots of fun to create as part of a team of 7 doing it.

A big shout out to Vilmar, Velma, both Ryans, Rick and Cassie.  We went from shy, to hopeful, to excited, to so sad, to crestfallen, to packing up to leave, to incredibly sleepy, to going through the motions, to ho-hum, to enthused, to elated, to packed in a small after-party.  Quite an amazing roller coaster!

Audius.co from Michael Girdley

(Updated 12/20/12) Finally, I managed to locate the video of the pitch.  Here it is (I’m the tall one)

3dssatx on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

And the direct link here.

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